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Elderly Care Package

Price: ₦150,000

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HomeCare Attendant Training

Price: ₦150,000

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HomeCare Initial Assessment by a Doctor

Price: ₦35,000

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HomeCare Initial Assessment by a Specialist Doctor

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HomeCare Initial Assessment by a Nurse or Physiotherapist

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MyMedicalBank is a cloud-based platform that allows users to book and pay for healthcare services securely from hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, HMOs, home care agencies, ambulance service providers, pharmacies and other providers.
MyMedicalBank also allows users to store and manage their health information securely, making it easy to monitor their health and share with their healthcare provider when needed.

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Medical Assessment

Doctor’s Home Visit

Carers, Nurses & Physiotherapists on Demand

Prescription Writing

Care Report



Online Medical Consultation

Personalised Healthcare


Medical Report



Clinic Visit

Hospital Appointment

Clinic Appointment

Appointment with Specialist Doctors

Medical Reports





Automated for all your Home Care services

Track all your Clients and Contracts

Monitor Caregiver Reports

Instant Access to Your Client's Info



Consult with Patients Online

Attend to Appointments from any Location

High-Quality Video Conferencing

One-Click Entry for Patients

Offer Flexible Appointments


Clinic Visit

Secured Platform for Booking Appointments

Enhanced for Payments

Sleek and User-friendly

Compatible with all devices

Appointment Reminder Automated


Personal Health Records

Health data on hand for ready access

Cloud-based Secured Platform

Data Health collection and reporting process

Drug and Dosage Reminder


Health Market

Subscribe to allow patients book appointment with you online

Facilitate bookings for clinic visit and medical test

Attract more patients and increase revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyMedicalBank?


MyMedicalBank is a digital platform that allows consumers to book healthcare services like doctor’s home visit, hospital appointment, medical tests, health insurance, elderly care, video medical consultation, physiotherapy, ambulance service and more from hospitals, medical laboratories, HMOs, care organisations, pharmacies and other verified providers in Nigeria.

How is MyMedicalBank Solving Healthcare Problem?


MyMedicalBank is remedying the problem of poor digital access to healthcare by functioning as a software that connects consumers with healthcare providers, health information and their health records from any location or care setting via a smartphone or computing device.

What is MyMedicalBank Used For?


As a B2C platform, MyMedicalBank allows consumers to access and receive healthcare services wherever they are – in the comfort of their own home, the workplace, in clinic, online or on video. Through the platform, consumers are able to store and access their health records instantly from their mobile phone.As a B2B platform, healthcare organisations – clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories, diagnostic centres, HMOs, care agencies, care homes, pharmacies, rehabilitation centres, medical logistics companies and others use the MyMedicalBank software to provide services to the public including at locations where they do not have a physical presence.

How secured is MyMedicalBank?


MyMedicalBank is committed to protecting the privacy of users. All the information provided to the platform is managed with extreme confidentiality. MyMedicalBank encrypts all the information added to the system such that no third party is able to access any transaction occurring between a provider and consumer.

Is mymedicalbank another telemedicine or emr?


MyMedicalBank offers more than just telemedicine or EMR. It is a one-stop platform for booking healthcare services and accessing health records instantly at home, in clinic or on video. It is the largest interoperable multi-purpose healthcare platform in Nigeria. Healthcare fees on the platform are among the cheapest anywhere in the world. The platform allows consumers to book and participate in managing healthcare not only for themselves but also for their loved ones who may be living thousands of miles away. It offers Nigeria’s only one-stop online healthcare marketplace. It is the only healthcare software available in the market for providers to facilitate out-of-hospital care in Nigeria. With registered healthcare organisations and professionals in 28 states, MyMedicalBank has the largest number of verified providers in Nigeria. MyMedicalBank makes it possible for providers to generate revenue from remote locations where they do not have a geographical presence. Unlike other health tech platforms, MyMedicalBank is optimized for usage both as an app and as a web-based application.

how do i make payment as a client?


Once you have decided on the service you want to book from a Provider, make the booking and pay using one of 3 options: Pay As You Go – pay the Provider using your debit card, bank transfer, USSD or cash deposit in the bank. Subscription – pay the Provider a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access the services included in the subscription plan. Membership – you do not pay any money rather you book the services for free by virtue of being a member of a sponsoring organisation whose subscription on MyMedicalBank gives healthcare access. Not only that, where you need trained and background-checked caregivers to provide you or your loved ones personal care services such as bathing, maintaining hygiene, feeding, companionship, hospital escort and general health support, there is a large pool of certified Home Care Attendants available to you for live-in or live-out services.

How does mymedicalbank work for healthcare professionals?


MyMedicalBank offers healthcare professionals – doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists, home care assistants and others a golden opportunity to earn additional income through providing healthcare services to consumers at home, in clinic and on video. To provide services as a healthcare professional, you will need to register under a verified organisation on MyMedicalBank. Go to or download MyMedicalBank app Register for a free ‘Health Worker’ account Select MMB Healthcare or the particular organisation under which you want to operate. Upload your information and credentials and await verification Once verified, MMB Healthcare or the organisation you register under will begin to assign you work opportunities The work you will be assigned depends on the type of service you are licensed to provide. Attend to the client at home, in clinic or on video Create a care report on the service provided Get paid.

how will clients pay for services?


Pay As You Go – client pays the Provider for each service using a debit card, bank transfer, USSD or cash deposit in the bank.
Subscription – client subscribes to a monthly or yearly subscription plan available from the Provider and access the services included in the plan on demand.