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Home Care Attendant (HCA) Training (N150,000)
Basic Life Support (BLS) (N50,000)
Both HCA Training and BLS (N200,000)
Personal Health Record app (Free)
Telemedicine (Video medical consultation, from N3,000)
Home Medical or Personal Care (From N20,000)
Clinic Visit or Medical Test (From N5,000)
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Please complete this form to register your interest in MyMedicalBank Home Care Attendant (Care) Training or Basic Life Support (BLS) or both.

Both training programs are held in Lagos. and Course Fee is ₦150,000 . After completing the form, our customer service team will contact you.

If you prefer to enrol for the online Care Training instead, click here.

About The Care Training

The face-to-face HCA training is a 2-week intensive course composed of classroom-based lectures and internship in a care home for work placement.

At the end of the training, participants are awarded a Care Certificate. They will be also registered for free as Home Care Attendant (Carer) on the MyMedicalBank app for job opportunities.

To learn more about the HCA Training, read the HCAT Prospectus.

About Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS is a one-day intensive course that offers training in the fundamental medical care provided to individuals who are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, such as cardiac arrest or choking.

The course covers BLS techniques aimed at maintaining the victim's circulation, airway, and breathing until advanced medical help arrives.

Course Fee is ₦50,000

Other Services

To access other healthcare services such as personal health record, home care, video medical consultation, medical test, health insurance and more, go to